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CBF For Life

Join us in our CBF For Life program and never lose access to the training and support you need to build and grow your residential cleaning business beyond your wildest dreams! 

What's Included?


  • Official CBF Welcome Package Mailed to Your Door!*
  • ​Video Training Modules 1-10 (over 20 hours of training content) and transcripts, with a focus on starting or fixing your residential cleaning business before you build it. Our focus on the foundations of your business in ESSENTIALS is to first build it right then build it big.
  • The CBF Resource Library with downloadable and editable process, customer, and employee forms and documents
  • 2 x Month Live Group Coaching and Q&A Calls. Get answers to your questions! Call replays uploaded to your training portal post-call within 36 hours for review/relistening
  • ​1 X Month Live Anchor Training Call for new training, deep dives into core CBF concepts, introduction of new technologies plus access to Anchor Training call replays of 3+ years
  • ​Members-Only Facebook Group for 24 x 7 support and interaction​


  • Official CBF MOMENTUM Welcome Kit Mailed to You!
  • ​More Video Training with a focus on GROWTH! Expansion, building a leadership team, and accountability, time prioritization tools, leadership development, and more
  • Wednesday Live Group Coaching Calls 2 X Month exclusively for CBF MOMENTUM members
  • CBF Pathways Online Video Series and Cliff Notes training tools 
  • Advanced Training Strategies, our library of ever-growing online training resources 
  • ​Complimentary Pass* to CBF Live and CBF Retreat 
  • Everything you loved in CBF ESSENTIALS including members-only FB group, the CBF Resource Library of proven forms & documents, continued access to Mods 1-10
  • Discounted Pricing for 1:1 Coaching with CBF Coach. OR Opportunity to Upgrade to MOMENTUM Plus to receive 1:1 coaching session every month with a CBF Coach of your choice

*All complimentary passes to events require a  $100 refundable deposit at registration, but will be refunded when you attend.

What's The Investment? 

With everything our program includes, we know that...

Year 1 Membership Value = $12,000

But we're bringing out our best offer for you!

  • $7889 Total Investment in Year 1...with your $4100 instant scholarship while available
  • ​​Tiny Payments Plan: $2400 down today, $499 a month "For Life" 
  • ​Right to cancel any time after 12 months, or after $7889 has been paid in full, without penalty if you change your mind about CBF For Life
  • ​CBF FOR LIFE! Why join "CBF For Life" if you don't have to stay in for life? We know you will love it so much you won't want to leave! You'll love the convenient online training that's instructional and inspirational, the Live calls where your questions get answered, and the support from 100s of cleaning business owners in our community! You'll want to roll seamlessly into our year 2+ CBF MOMENTUM Program!
  • ​Access Never Ends: As long as you are an active CBF Member you will continue to pay the monthly payment* AND keep access to your training portal, our 2 X a month Live calls, and our members-only FB group. 

CBF For Life Program: Apply your $4100 Instant Scholarship and bring your total investment down to $7889 in Year 1!

What's The Catch? This sounds "too good to be true"!

There is no "catch"! We just know that people love CBF, the community, the information, the support, AND THE RESULTS so much that we had to create a CONTINUAL program to allow people to stay in FOREVER if they want to and be able to drop out when they no longer need us. So we did! 

And we offered a HUGE discount to reward for you for thinking BIGGER and BETTER about the future starting TODAY!

No hidden fees, no secret agenda, there is no catch! YES it is "too good to be true"...but it is actually true!!
We are giving you a HUGE discount upfront in exchange for your commitment to TRY CBF MOMENTUM in year 2. If you don't LOVE it then we don't deserve your continued monthly payments. You be the judge! 12 months after joining CBF For Life, if you don't LOVE CBF MOMENTUM you can drop out and end your payments at any time.

No strings attached. No fine print. You can cancel and your payments will end. We know you'll LOVE it so much you will never cancel because you'll want to be in "CBF FOR LIFE"!

START TODAY with JUST a Down Payment of $2400 

YES! This is not layaway! Join CBF For Life right NOW with just a $2400 down payment*. Then 30 days later start convenient, ongoing monthly payments of just $499! You get access to everything here on the CBF ESSENTIALS (year 1) -- a $12,000 VALUE -- for just for just $2400 down and monthly payments of $499**. Then at the end of year 1, you'll flow seamlessly into our CBF MOMENTUM program (year 2+) without pause or interruption... no loss in momentum as you grow your cleaning business. All of the training, answers, interactions, community, and inspiration you need are here in CBF For Life! 
* We offer a 14-day money back guarantee, no-penalty-refund period to all new CBF members. Join CBF and experience life as a CBF member for 14 days. Join the FB group, participate in the live group training call, explore the online video modules and other training resources. You are a full member except that you cannot download any materials until after 14 days. Decide that the program isn't for you during your 14-day refund period and we'll refund your down payment. After your 14-day refund period, CBF requires an initial commitment of 12 months. 

** Your  monthly payment is not a forever rate. We reserve the right to increase our prices at any time with notice but we commit to not raising the price in your first 12 months.

Got it! I'm ready to join CBF For Life!

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